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Guild Progress and whatnot...

dalle, Oct 17, 12 10:41 PM.
Not much to say really. We've downed 4 out of 6 Bosses in Mogu'Shan Vault within the first 4 raids we had, which is kinda impressive, considering the team pretty much a completely new one. We've recruited, and replaced those that left or went afk.

All in all it's been a great start for us,and with all the recent realm transfers from Ravencrest, Sylvanas and Outland, we had the chance to recruit some great players.

The team is set, and we have all the players we need for further progress in Mogu'Shan Vaults. Altho we could use a few backup raiders, and thats what we're looking for currently.

Zougiero & Alizoren came back to Bane after more than a year as a loneranger amongst the guilds on Frostwhisper, but they're now back home. Immobilize decided to return and level up a Warrior tank after 6 months of absense from WoW. Must not forget about Bawbag, Fenga and Raginz got accepted into our ranks. I'd like to welcome y'all, and lets get some progress going ^^


Mist of Pandaria

dalle, Aug 26, 12 1:10 PM.
We're currently in the progress of recruiting the last few players we need for Mist of Pandaria, but we should have a steady raid squad ready as soon as everyone is level 90 and proper geared. Our current progress is DS10 Heroic 6/8, we'll keep you posted incase we get the last few down.

Also we'd like to welcome Tharghül as our new and 4th Officer, bit late but atleast he made the frontpage, congratz mate, it's nice to have you with us :-)

Guild Progress and general news...

dalle, Jun 24, 12 8:40 PM.
Congratulations to everyone for achieving level 25 finally. It took some time, but we made it, and now onwards to getting some heroics down. We're currently on 1/8 HC's, but with a steady raiding squad, that should change quite fast.

We've been recruitin gsome great players, and the morale of the guild haven't been better than it is now. :-)


Guild ding 24!

dalle, Jun 4, 12 7:59 AM.

Congratulations on 23 everyone in the guild. We're slowly working our ways up to 25, which is a great achievement for those who contributed alot to the guild. The Officers would want to thank you all for the great job, keep it up! :-)


Guild Ding 23!

dalle, May 25, 12 5:51 PM.

Congratulations on 23 everyone, onwards to 25!


Guild Ding 21

dalle, May 13, 12 10:40 AM.
Guild LvL 21.
Recently the guild dinged 21, so we've gotten pretty close to the 25 mark. We (the officers) want to thank everyone who made a great effort to reach this goal, and we hope you guys n gals will continue to provide strong support to the guild xp cap everyweek until we reach 25.

About the future of the guild.
I know we've been abit inactive lately due to a number of things, but it's slowly getting better, and i see alot of activity from a great amount of people. This is great news, and the officers will continue to help the guild flourish to it's rightful place. :-)

We'll have a chat amongst the officer to see what can be done about the raids and some pvp as soon as possible. Hopefully we could set up a casual raiding team, as i know alot of people would like that alot.
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